Shot dead

The hurricane in the Gulf. My Dad is calling me, telling me to prepare. I don’t want to Dad! All that I want to do is watch Southern Charm. I hate how impatient I’ve been lately with the kids because of all this emotional bullshit and, so tonight I let them help make the messiest dinner!

Laughter and flour everywhere… followed by shooing and bath time. Haha! Motherhood. Everything is calm.. like, the way it is after that big ass fight. We obviously love one another, or we wouldn’t be doing this thing called love. However, the sparks have died down. I assume that’s what happens when you have three little ones, and you’ve been fucking the same human for six years. The blunt answer is to figure out how to communicate calmly and make one another feel like they’re the only one in the world.

My dinner tonight was off the fucking chain. That good time soul food. We needed comfort food and, even the pickiest of them all was asking for ketchup. (It was chicken fried chicken baked potatoes with white gravy.)

It’s just going to be about the little things right now.

That’s what builds a relationship anyway. When you’re actually thinking in retrospect, it’s just the little things. Right? All of the kids are finally asleep… I’m going to go pack the bong and take a boiling, salty bath. I’m on my fabulous fucking cycle so, I don’t feel too sexy right now with my broken out, teenage-like skin. bahahaha! It’s a thing.

I hope that you are fortunate enough to be going to sleep with your sacral chakra in tact! 😉

best wishes

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