Gripping blue lace agate like it’s going to shit Xanax…

The dwelling has a different ring to it when remaining in it is involuntary. The ever impending doom of this invisible virus around every corner gives birth to a variety of reasons why anyone would be anxious. Holding every fucking crystal for anxiety and smudging intense amounts of smoke around the tribe has done itsContinue reading “Gripping blue lace agate like it’s going to shit Xanax…”

Put the Tab on This Guy

You don’t get to have a bad day and call me with your typical bullshit to try to make me feel like my day to day isn’t suitable. My heart race didn’t change until you interrupted with your routine negativity. I wish you weren’t so unhappy. Unpleased with your day to day routine. I wantContinue reading “Put the Tab on This Guy”

It’s My Birthday, and I’ll Blog if I Fucking Want To

Insecurity, failed attempts at managing anger and omissions versus a genuine love and compassion for one another, just trying to find the right balance and emotional stability while caring for three littles and a teenager. We’ve been dating a total of six years this coming August. Although we had our daughter together four years ago,Continue reading “It’s My Birthday, and I’ll Blog if I Fucking Want To”